Edmondson-Telford Center for Children


"Law enforcement’s primary concern should always be the victim. The climate of the ETCC and the use of professionally trained interviewers insures that children who are the victims of crime are not re-traumatized by the investigative process."

~Carol Martin,
Gainesville City Police Chief
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How You Can Help the Edmondson-Telford Center for Children

How You Can Help

The Edmondson-Telford Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations that gladly receives tax deductible donations. Nearly one-third of our budget comes from compassionate citizens committed to fighting child abuse in their community. Their involvement is vitally important to our children.

When you become an Edmondson-Telford Center supporter, you receive semi-annual updates to show how your investment is helping to improve the lives of victimized children in your area.

If you would like to join the generous donors who help us care for the victims of child abuse, please make your tax deductible donation to The Edmondson-Telford Center for Children. Visa and MasterCard are welcomed.

An additional way to support The Edmondson-Telford Center is by participating in our annual Phil Niekro Golf Tournament. This event helps to raise nearly one-third of our yearly budget, and it is an excellent opportunity to have fun while helping a great cause. You can find out more about the tournament here.

Other Ways to Help Us Help Abused Children in Hall & Dawson: